Jet has been a part of the Brunswick community for over 6 years. We are an Australian owned business, who's success is attributed to listening to our clients and providing them with a fun and comfortable experience. We are constantly engaging with our clients to hear about what they would like. Below are some of the things we are implementing based on your feedback



We now have a Masseuse on Saturdays whom is offering 10 minute foot massages for only $8. These massages are a combination of relaxation and reflexology and are designed to distress and rejuvenate.  They are a perfect treat to have between your treatment or a if you are passing by and need a quick time out it can be such a nice to add some decadence into your Saturday for little more than the cost of two coffees.


Priyanka ??

For those of you who are not away our lovely Priyanka has left us and gone back to India to be with her family and give birth to her second child. In the time she was with us, I think we can all say we enjoyed laughs, tears and quite a bit of Indian music. With her departure it leaves a void that only one person can fill. So we are pleased to announce that Meenu will be returning to Jet Nail Bar from the 21st of September onwards. Those who know her I am sure love her and those who don't know her yet, I am sure will come to love her to. She was one of the founding members of the Jet Nail Bar team when the businessstarted many years ago.   


You may have noticed that the logo has now changed. As part of the reinvention process we wanted a symbol, that represented who we are and also our direction.  The wings symbolises the phoenix, which is an ancient bird from Greek mythology whom rose from the ashes of the old better and stronger. As for the crown this represents how we treat our clients and how we hope they feel after they have spent some time at Jet Nail Bar.