Jet has been a part of the Brunswick community for over 6 years. We are an Australian owned business, who's success is attributed to listening to our clients and providing them with a fun and comfortable experience. We are constantly engaging with our clients to hear about what they would like. Below are some of the things we are implementing based on your feedback

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We now have on offer a 10% discount on Monday and Tuesdays for all treatments over $30. This discount is in place now and will run till the 4th of August 2017.

Members Rewards Card

We are very close to releasing two new cards. The first is a new VIP card. This card is designed to provide value to those whom come to Jet Nailbar on a regular basis and those whom are looking for more opulence to their treatments.  

The other card on offer is the Service Industry Card. This card is designed for those in services industries such as restaurants, trades, nursing etc. This card will be connected to discounts,  packages and promotions which we believe represent value to our clients.







As many of you know, the lovely Priyanka is our eyebrow specialist. She is branching out we now offer eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts. The products we are utilising are from the BIS SILK range which we feel are trusted and offer the best results. 

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Refresh of the current environment

Whilst we love our space, we have seen that a number of our clients come to us, not only for a treatment, but to escape the outside world, even if its only for a little while. So what we are doing is to make a more opulent and luxurious environment, where you can unwind and catch up with friends or simply drift away and have a rest whilst our girls go to work.  

We have started by toning down some of the colours.  Over the next few months we will also have purpose built joinery installed to make the waiting area more into a chill space where our clients can relax, chat with friends and even read a magazine and watch the world go by.



You may have noticed that the logo has now changed. As part of the reinvention process we wanted a symbol, that represented who we are and also our direction.  The wings symbolises the phoenix, which is an ancient bird from Greek mythology whom rose from the ashes of the old better and stronger. As for the crown this represents how we treat our clients and how we hope they feel after they have spent some time at Jet Nailbar.